Monday, November 15, 2010

"El Andalon" Producers in San Cristóbal

"El Andalon" producers Consuelo Alba and John Speyer are currently traveling through Mexico showing the documentary about Don Sergio Castro and have now made it to San Cristóbal. Their mission is to show the people of Mexico this true living legend and to gain local, regional and international support. The film reveals all facets of Don Sergio's work.
Click here to see trailer.

As for real life of the indigenous Sergio cares for, the young woman sho had 30% of her body surface area burned has died. Speaking with Sergio yesterday he explained that her complications were the cause of her demise. I commented sadly that this would not have happened in the US — she would have received the care necessary to get her back to her quality of life. He explained that he tried to get her family to take her to the hospital, but time and again they refused, as did she. There is much to understand of this "natural"(?) way of thinking.