Monday, February 7, 2011

February 2011 Update

This coming March 16, a friend (and colleague) and I will be making another journey to San Cristóbal de Las Casas. We are both in the process of obtaining supplies to help our fellow humanitarian Sergio Castro. World Care has generously donated supplies for this and previous trips. For $1 per pound, the supplies we obtained are invaluable to Don Sergio and his patients.

As for "El Andalon", the film will be shown in San Miguel de Allende and San Luis Potosi by Mary Murrell to an audience of those interested in seeing this Maverick Humanitarian. The Thin Line Film Festival will be showing "El Andalon" in Denton, TX (near Dallas) February 15-20th. The San Diego Latino Film Festival will be showing the film on March 12, which Bruce and I plan to attend. It will also be showing in Cuba: Festival Internacional de Documentales en Santiago de Cuba. Of all places in the world, Cuba!

The producers, Consuelo and John, have worked so hard to promote and expose Don Sergio's work to the world and they are making a difference. Veremos Productions are on to their next project about the Corzo de Chiapas festival and they continue to advocate passionately for Don Sergio.

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