Sunday, May 17, 2015

Indiegogo Fundraiser for Don Sergio

Photo taken by Justin McManus of Australia. For more photos go to: Justin McManus Photography.

The January trip working with Don Sergio was a whirlwind. He and I spent very little time together with all that occurred around that time with his family. From my home in Tucson he and I speak once every 2-3 weeks.

An avid support, Carla Woody who is founder of Kenosis, has donated kindly from her special guided trips through Chiapas. She always makes a special trip with her group to stop and visit with Don Sergio. Through numerous phone calls and help from another friend in San Cris, Don Sergio received the donation at such a crucial time of need...which for him, is almost always!

Meanwhile, those close to me recommended an Indiegogo fundraiser for Don Sergio.
So, here it is: Indiegogo Mexican Healer Who Asks for Nothing in Return

My partner, Bruce, and I once again scoured the internet for any new postings or blog reports from those who have recently met or reported about his work. We found both old and new.

John Scherber, a US citizen traveling all through out Mexico, came across Don Sergio and of course could not resist, like many, to not say anything.  Don Sergio humanitarian work is so compelling one just can't keep it to oneself.  Here is his report from April 2015 visit:

In the blogging archives we also found a professional photographer's visit with Don Sergio but are uncertain of the year. His story was written before I met Don Sergio; pre-2008 and I found that his experiences then are now mine. Justin McManus knows how to tell a story and take photos that are more descriptive than can be verbalized. Some great shots of Don Sergio, some heart-wrenching photos of Don Sergio's patients. His story, with photos, was published in The InSight Press.

As a follow-up to the patient, Petrona, that Justin reports on, here is a video I took several years later (unaware of Justin's reporting). If you have the time, please see the photos from Justin and read his blog, then click on the video below. You will see that Don Sergio uses all gifts bestowed to him by nature and Petrona is living proof that miracles can happen.

For those who have met Don Sergio or anyone interested, we encourage you to consider an Indiegogo donation to help this tireless humanitarian and share this with friends.  It is our hope that I can present Don Sergio with the fully funded amount when I see him in July this summer.

Posted by Patricia Ferrer, PA-C.