Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Help

May 4, 2014

Friend and artist Violeta Abitia's color pencil drawing of a resting dog.

 Since New York Times video by Janet Jarman and article by Elisabeth malkin last year and more internet exposure more people have become interested in what Don Sergio does and want to work with him. Many locals have known about Don Sergio but the internet makes it easier to learn about his work and a way to contact him: his official website Yok Chij. In addition, the documentary done by Consuelo Alba and John Speyer, El Andalón, gives a very good overview of his 50 year history of being in the Highlands of Chiapas.

Our new friend, Erick, has decided to move to San Cristóbal for the next 3 months. Sergio will have the benefit of having constant help most of the summer.  Erick had to return to Galveston to move things out of his apartment before month's end and wanted to visit family and friends in Connecticut while in the US. He will return after I leave.
L to R: Sean, Wilhelmina, Kirsten, me, Eric. Oscar took the photo.

The Graff family from Salt Lake City, who lived here for a year 2012-2013, returned for a 2-week vacation prior to my arrival. I was lucky to catch them the last night before their departure back to the US. Sean, an RN and the father, worked with Don Sergio every Monday while here and drove him to see all the patients. They continue to advocate financial and medical material support.

As for local help, Carolina continues to work with Don Sergio 2 nights per week and a local friend has brought another young lady to see if she can work with Don Sergio. It seems as the flow of soft waves lap on the beach, help comes and goes, but always comes back.

Carolina and Iker.

Another interesting fellow has also shown up to help Don Sergio. Iker, a nurse from Spain's Basque country, and his girlfriend of 10 years, have been traveling the world for three years and have landed here for a few months.  In their desire to learn more about the places they visit, they volunteer their time. This exposes them to things the tourists does not see and enriches their life and knowledge. Iker, comes to work with Don Sergio 4-5 times a week mostly in the evening clinics. He has helped tremendously as we've been so busy.
Sergio and Iker.

Lastly, in those lulls of retreating waves, friends of Don Sergio continue to support and help from afar on many levels. This support helps allow Don Sergio to purchase supplies and sustain himself and family.

It's no surprise the draw of working with Don Sergio has on an individual. He attracts loving and kind people, those that give of themselves, those that watch his work from afar and want to support him.

For me, my gain is immeasurable: I work along side a living saint while working with the local people from various areas, meet like-minded locals and foreigners, see and learn medicine in a different setting than in the US. The experience is one of the richest one can have in a lifetime.

Posted by Patricia Ferrer.

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