Wednesday, July 6, 2016

School Construction

Escuela 5th of marzo

The small center room with the sheet metal roof is the nurses exam room, being completed soon.
The situation in this part of Mexico is on shaky ground with the 'bloqueados' (road blocks). From what I'm told, teachers are protesting for the rights to teach children what they need to learn in life to do well for themselves and to know their rights. Some teachers have been paid and some have not; same for healthcare professionals. A nurse I know was only partially paid. I would imagine if this happened in the US, there would be a major revolucion.  Just imagine what it is like for everyone here.  Nonetheless, those suffering at this moment are the minds of children not being educated at all.

The library, currently is also being used as the ground keeper residence.
Another view of the library.
Recent educational math activities remain on the board.
Outside the grounds-keeper's home.
Don Sergio's 5th of marzo school project continues and the community it serves is involved with the school and they remain open with the exception of summer break. So, for now construction continues.  Sergio has completed the latrines and the school library, there is a room for a school nurse and he is completing a home for the school's grounds-keeper.  This school complex has been in the making for 6 years now....typical poco a poco.

Completing the ground keepers home.
Fortunately, for Don Sergio, foreigners have stepped up to help. One couple, R&L, have generously donated a nice sum to help complete the library, nurses room, water pump for the latrines and roof.  Then, out of the blue, Don Sergio was contacted by a newly formed US solar company to see if they can donate solar panels for one of his projects. They worked out a visit to San Cris while on a family vacation, visited with Don Sergio and took a tour of the school and all agreed it is an excellent place to add the solar panels. Everyone is happy about this as there is only one business in San Cris that has solar panels, this will be the second and it is a community school.  All are excited about not being dependent on the city's electricity. For those that may not know, electricity is very expensive here.

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