Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sergio Presents to the Local Medical School

L>R: Elsa, Don Sergio, Ethan.

Cesar and his girlfriend Lupe (both 2nd year medical students) invited Don Sergio to talk to their peers at the local medical school UNICH.  Sergio asked me to bring the video, El Andalon, to show the students then afterwards he'd say a few words about caring for wounds and burns.

Display put up by Cesar and Lupe about the care Don Sergio provides.
Sergio was clearly nervous, which was refreshing to see: indicative of the importance of speaking to future local health professionals. After the film, he quickly went into a dialog of how best to assess and treat burns, then onto ulcers. I never seen Don Sergio talk so much. If he knew how to do a powerpoint he may have talked for hours.

Don Sergio talking about burn and wound care.
The university emphasizes cultural awareness of the local indigenous population and opened the medical school 3 years ago.  It will take a total of 6 years for Cesar and Lupe to finish their training, then one year of social service to obtain their medical degree.

Sergio and his wife, Elsa.

Sixteen medical students came to the lecture.
L>R: Don Sergio, Cesar, Lupe.

A special thank you to Veremos Productions, Consuelo Alba and John Speyer for their generosity of creating this well told story of Don Sergio and his work.

Posted by Patricia Ferrer, PA-C.

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