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Working from Within

 July 6, 2016
Photo taken from Mexican Destinos website.

This is my 8th year of coming to San Cris to work with Don Sergio and I have seen some beautiful changes develop, albeit very slow from US cultural perspective, it is nonetheless in the making and  hopeful. I have learned my place in this process.

When I started working with Don Sergio I saw much that could be done to improve things and I wanted to jump in and help out but I'm not here day-in and day-out. So, by my own means I kept returning, supporting and attended to people along-side Don Sergio and doing what I can by being aware of what they need: NOT what I THINK they need.  When formulating this sentence, it is the epiphany that all of us need to accept when coming from 'our world' into 'their world' wanting to help. 

Don Sergio's day time assistant is a nurse, Anita, that has not been paid for 6 months from her nursing job at a community women's' hospital. She started working with Don Sergio on the morning rounds and he pays her when he can. She is smart, confident, aware, mature and attentive. Anita is a single Mom with 3 children and is aware of the fluctuation of Don Sergio's financial dependency on others, so when he doesn't have money, she continues to work with him, knowing funds will arrive some day.  Pure trust.

In the evening, one medical student, Cesar, and a nursing student, Edith, come in to help Don Sergio. Cesar is in his 2nd year of medical school and when he has free time he is always working with Don Sergio. Even on the weekends.  Edith, is there every evening. She lives far away but takes a collectivo to be at the evening clinic. She is shy, quite, smart and takes in everything.  Don Sergio pays Edith when he can and occasionally he will give Cesar a few pesos. Cesar asks for nothing and has family support.
L>R: Don Sergio, Edith, Cesar.

Cesar wants to come to the US in a year or two during summer break and learn how we, in the US, practice medicine. Edith wants to be able to finish her nursing training. It is very possible both may one day be the successors to Sergio's clinic.  Don Sergio is 75 years old and still has great compassionate energy but he will not live forever.  Cesar and Edith are constants that can step in as healthcare professionals, they are both Coletos (locals born here - which is important), and are building trust of the patients and community with their dedication.

Cesar is in his 2nd yr of med school in San Cris. Ethan has applied to US med school this year.
Our roll is to facilitate their needs; observe, listen, accept, support and follow through. They know what they need and we need to be there for them.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed on all levels and those who, in the future, will.

Posted by Patricia Ferrer, PA-C.

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Linda M said...

I am from the US and will be visiting the small museum Sergio has created of regional clothing.
I read in lieu of a monetary donation one can donate gel for burn care. I will be there in Feb. 2017 and wanted to know if this
is difficult for you to receive and still needed.
Please advise.
Linda Mansour