Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday June 16, 2012

We have it so good in the US, we forget the value of  clean potable water. In some homes cisterns are created to capture rain or well water. The residents cannot drink the water as it is not purified but they use it for daily house chores.
Friday evening  a gentleman came by with a few supplies and to chat with Don Sergio and he introduced himself as Benjamin. It turns out to be Benjamin Mariotte, the author of the article in the Daily Good!  For you Sergio Castro fans this is a beautifully written article that helped bring in a nice bit of donations.

We chatted for a bit and discovered we are neighbors for our duration of staying in San Cristobal. On my way home today I stopped by and met him and his wife and we shared our stories. One by-product of Don Sergio's humanitarian work is the collection of people that are moved by his way of caring without judgement or prejudice. It seems a common bond of Don Sergio's admirers all have a giving and appreciative nature.

The evening clinic was busy as usual and Don Sergio had a couple and two lovely young ladies from Australia come into the museo. He gave them a brief tour while I took care of the patients. I said my good-byes at 7pm and came straight home.

Vegetable stands are the norm...not the exception as in the US.
Carol, Jim and I went to a little sandwich shop for dinner at 830pm. Normally I cannot eat this late but doing like the Mexicans when in Mexico just feels right...late breakfast, afternoon lunch, siesta, late (should be lite) dinner. Also, its so easy to eat healthy here, you have to go out of your way to find processed food meal...well almost..there's a Burger King.

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