Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crossing the US — Mexico Border via Nogales

June 12, 2012  Back to San Cristóbal!

The truck loaded with the most valuable items: medical supplies!

Once again, I am on my way to work with one of the most admirable people on the planet: Sergio Castro of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Our goals, as they were with our trips before: to bring medical supplies and to work with him over the next three weeks.
Thank you everyone who has sent me burn and wound care supplies. A few donors I’ve met via cyberspace, some in person and others I’ve known for a few years. We all have the same idea: get good unused medical supplies to those in need. 

>>Bruce and I will be apart for 3 weeks!

World Care has supported this trip (and last four) with collecting wound care supplies and putting them aside for me. They support much larger medical supply relief missions and although mine is a ‘small fry’, they still consider it important.  Thank you to Carol P., who has been resourceful in eying certain unused items and getting them to me from a long distance. Dr. Bolhack and staff — thank you for helping support this medical mission as you have before. And thank you Mom for unfailingly adding to my supplies and sending me with numerous blessings.

Over the last year I have meet several Tucsonians who are very generous supporting Sergio. My Spanish teacher and her husband (Carol and Jim — see Oct 24, 2011, post) have become great friends and have come with me so they can explore beautiful San Cristóbal. Thank you John W, Pat M and Jan and Barb for ALL your support as well. Sergio will receive your kind gifts and messages once we arrive.

Jim and Carol, seasoned travelers!

Of course, thank you to all volunteers and staff from Clinica Amistad and St. Elizabeth’s for your well wishes and support.

Many friends and relatives have questions about crossing the border in Nogales and for this trip it has never been easier! The Tufesa bus left Tucson on time and before we knew it we were in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  Customs seemed no more than a very small bus station. Interestingly, no one asked for our IDs, passports, nor asked questions about where we’re from and where we’re going and if this was a business trip or pleasure, etc. We all got the green light with our luggage so no inspection.  It was so smooth we forgot to get our tourist permits and no one tried to sell us one. Does this mean we’re here illegally?  We can buy our tourist permits at the airport… ah… mañana

Tomorrow, we cab it to the airport at 5:30 am fly to DF (Mex city) then arrive in Tuxtla Gutierrez at 4:00 pm. We should be in San Cristóbal by 6:00 pm mañana.

 The view didn't change much all the way to Hermosillo.

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