Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arrived in San Cristóbal de las Casas

June 13, 2012

We left Hermosillo on time and landed in DF with a two-hour layover, then a short ride on a small plane to Tuxtla.  It was humid and hot upon landing, unlike Tucson… at least the humid part.

This silly photo is in appreciation of rain!
Bela's driver, Ricardo, was waiting for us and the maletero took our bags to his car. Everything fit… well, barely. (Ricardo did not have to use a bungy cord to hold the trunk lid down like the last taxi driver we used in Hermosillo.) Almost all cars in Mexico are of the compact econo-style.  Their conservationist attitude is out of necessity and their way of life.
Truck hauling compressed plastic to recycle.
Bela received us with the warmth as if we've been away on a long trip.  It is SO nice to see her and be in her Chiapanecan paradise once more! Her four dogs add life to her home and I was glad to see Lola (diagnosed with bladder cancer over a year ago) still going strong!

We all freshened up and went straight to Sergio's museo. A couple from Bela's, Beth and Oliver, went with us… I took advantage of Oliver's and Jim's brawn to help with the large bags.

Sergio continues maintain his museo.
As with each trip, coming from the US, getting the supplies to Sergio is a big concern. It is impossible and cost-prohibitive to ship them so storing, sorting, trimming down weight is done over six months. Then we decide what is the most important to take.

Carol, Jim, Beth and Oliver were given a brief tour from Don Sergio while I unpacked the supplies.  He was completely out of petrolatum gauze and adaptic, regular gauze, Kerlix (gauze wraps), Biafine, antibiotic oinment, tape, and tube gauze. These are staples for wound and burn care. While unpacking I was once again thanking everyone that donated these supplies.

Sergio gave me the synopsis of our patient schedule tomorrow and told me a story of a young man we may go see in San Andres, if alive.  Sadly, the young man was lighting fire works and was burned from head to toe. The family called Sergio and he told them to take him to the hospital, with that type of burn there is nothing he can do but care for him after he returns from the hospital. This was a month ago and he has not heard from them.

A relaxing dinner afterwards was spent with my traveling companions and new friends. The cool temps and moist night air was so refreshing as we walked through el andador, by one of San Cristóbal's iglesias and zocolo on our way home. Visited with Bela for a bit, fixed hot tea and off to bed… now time to rest!
Carol, Jim and Sergio are the most active septuagenerians I know!

Bela's house is a shrine to flowers and plants.

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