Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Supplies Arrive

January 13, 2015 Tuesday

A well constructed home-made child seat for the bike.
 I love the innovation of necessity, this is probably
someone's main transportation.

My cousin Roy happened to be visiting at this time and he always brings an extra suitcase of medical supplies from NGO MedShare  for Don Sergio.  Always one for adventure he had stayed one night in San Cristóbal and was off to Palenque. He texted saying he left the suitcase at his hotel.  What he brought will last 2 – 4 weeks.

Roy brought a suitcase of medical supplies, then off to Palenque
with Mexica Tours. He will return in a few days.

I picked up the suitcase prior to arriving at the museo for morning rounds and Iker was waiting but our taxi driver had not arrived. Again the struggle of finding our two patients' homes was crazy but we found our way to the burn patient’s home where Alfonso, who lived in the area, met us.

They both did the cleaning, debridement and bandage change very efficiently. Fortunately the patient did not have as much pain. Our second patient with both foot ulcers still complained of dizziness but the ulcers were healing well (to our surprise).

We returned to the museo and Alfonso and I took the opportunity to clean and organize this so called ‘clinic’. Don Sergio stopped by and told us la suegra was buried and now the family is getting together. He was on his way to buy 4 kilos of tortillas. He said all was emotional but well and would return the following day for morning rounds.

The evening clinic was busy but there were 4 of us to do the work. Ricci was excused as she had now caught the ‘diarrhea bug’ and was not doing well. ¡Oye, los estomagos las gringas!

Christiane, (in purple sweater) from France, gave a tour to two visitors
 on Tuesday night while Don Sergio was with his family.

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