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January 14, 2015 Wednesday

You can buy Amantenango pottery from
the local market, but your choices
are better in Amantenango.
Bela, Ricci, Manuela (Bela’s cocinera) and I had planned a trip to Amantenango de Valle to shop and buy handmade and painted pottery but with Ricci’s tummy problem it was a no go. This worked out as I could spend time with Don Sergio before our departing on Thursday.

Handmade and hand painted pottery from Amantenango.

He was glad to see me at the museo as he thought I was going to Amantenango. We quickly fell into our routine as we waited for the taxi. I told him the progress of our two crucial patients as we prepared our bags.

Our driver, Juanito, was running late so DS and I sat in silence until he started telling me of Elsa’s situation of dividing things amongst her sisters. He hopes it does not become too complicated.  Then he started telling me of his visit with his father and how his father wanted to leave him part of the house in Mexico City. DS said he did not want part of the house and since his step-brother had been taking care of the father the house should go to him.  There were other family issues and heartbreak but it sounded like a good visit.  Then with pause he said he wanted to spend more time with Elsa and take her on a trip to Tuxtla for one night - this was music to my ears as I told him that was a fantastic idea.

It was in November 2008 when I met Don Sergio and the person I am most grateful to for sending me to him is Nadia Guilliard. She started the La CasaEn El Árbol Language School and speaks 5 or more languages herself. Over the last 7 years we have seen each other infrequently, but today I had the pleasure of visiting with her again.  It turns out Christiane, Tuesday night’s tour guide, is good friends with Nadia and invited her to join us for tea in the afternoon. It was a short but wonderful visit at Tierra Adentro en Real de Guadalupe andador.
Nadia, right, is expecting her first child in May. Christiane, long time
supporter of Don Sergio is in the middle.

During the evening clinic DS was in his natural stride; quietly doing his wound care as he’s done it for 40+ years.  The crew was there except Cesar; since starting medical school he can only come in occasionally; and Ricci still battling the runs, but she came in later. It was nice having DS back.

Fellow PA, and dear friend, Ricci Silberman and I spend our last night, for this
trip visiting with Alfonso, Edith and Iker while DS gives a tour.

Shortly after patients left we sat on the benches looking forward to chatting with him but three English-speaking tourists had come in and were hoping DS would give a tour.  Whenever English speakers come it’s my opportunity to tell them of DS’s humanitarian work that he does not mention himself.  He gave a nice tour and I followed up with checking if they had questions. Everyone always has questions, as they are amazed with him. The words ‘surreal, amazing, Mother Teresa, Saint’ comes up a lot with many questions about the healthcare system, injuries, funding, and help.

Don Sergio and I hugged and said our good-byes for now. He knows I will be back this summer.

That evening Ricci and I had a dinner party for the crew: pizza, salad and Iker brought the Spanish wine.  It was quite and simple and we all visited. Bela joined us and chatted with everyone.  There were 7 of us and we could not finish the two bottles of wine Iker brought – wimps.

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