Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Streets of San Cristóbal

January 8, 2015

Real de Guadalupe

The city has its own magical charm with the narrow streets, old churches, and Mayan descendants going about their business in their traditional garb. This is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and like no other in the world.  However, it seems over the last few years graffiti (not even good graffiti) has popped up everywhere, the side walks are threatening due to their irregularity and potholes and some of the buildings in El Centro are in need of a facelift.

That has changed. The graffiti is less, a lot of the dangerous sidewalks have been redone, and several building facades are being repaired and painted. This is all very pleasing to the eye and done in the mode of the original colonial style.

The Santo Domingo Market is in full swing and its fun what is new: the same item may not be available from year to year. The Zinacantan textile styles change as do the Amantango pottery images and decorations.

Don Sergio's museo has remained the same and the tours continue to enlighten tourists and they leave in awe of what his is doing. All his artifacts and textiles are in the same place, his museo is like another home for me.

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