Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer 2017

June 17, 2017

It's been almost a year since I have worked with Don Sergio. Accompanying me this trip includes Ethan, my nephew who has been twice before, first year med student Khiem Tran, his wife Dr. Vivian Shi and Dr. Ken Iserson and 5 large bags of medical supplies. 

Our travels getting to Chiapas were delayed due to American Airlines failing transfer our luggage to our DFW - Mexico City flight causing us to miss our connection to Chiapas. We arrived a day late at Bela's; thankfully we made it safely. Dr. Iserson made it the night before as he took a different flight to Mexico City.

L>R: First year med student Khiem Tran, Ethan, Dr. Vivian Shi, Dr. Ken Iserson, and our exceptional host Bela.
We had a little time to clean up, have a wonderful home cooked meal at Bela's, then we were off to the museum. Sergio's museo clinic was packed with the usual cases: a child with a hot water burn, chronic venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and older man who fell in the fire and whose back was severely burned along with a few other burn victims. Sergio had told his patients that we were coming so the museo was packed with many others seeking help our US medical team.

Drs. Shi and Iserson went to work quickly.
We were glad to see Don Sergio, Anita and Edith; their constant dedication continues to amaze me. They work quietly and efficiently with what few things they have available.  We all found our places of need and went to work.

After a long first evening we went out for pizza then home to Bela's for a much needed good nights' rest.

House call for a recently injured man who will remain a paraplegic has a bed ulcer Don Sergio has been attending.

Team work, L>R: Dr. Shi, Don Sergio, Patricia.

Dr. Iserson, an ER physician, was in great demand for his general medicine skills.

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Unknown said...

Tears, tears, lloré y lloré... tears of happiness and proud to see you all, Edith, Pati, Sergio..lagrimas de alegría y enorme orgullo por veros a todos Edith, Pati, Sergio.

Tears of sadness to see so many patients and to be so far away, lagrimas de tristeza de estar tan lejos y ver tantos pacientes...

Muy dificil para mí, no tengo palabras para expresar mi admiración y mi tristeza por no poder participar directamente.

No words to say my admiration and sadness not to be being part of it directly

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