Monday, June 26, 2017

Learning from Each Other = Making Progress

June 25, 2017

As our time comes to a close, our connection with Anita and Edith continues to bond.  They are receptive to our ideas that make sense and are interested in us showing them how to make wound care solutions from locally available inexpensive products.  Most importantly, we are receptive to listening to their needs.

Anita, Edith and Ethan.
A former visitor and wound care physician Scott Bolhack has been a constant resource for this project over the years and sent me the recipes for these homemade wound care solutions. Bela had most of the ingredients, I simplified the recipe, and Ethan translated the recipe for Anita and Edith.  We gathered in Bela's kitchen and went to work.  There were a few experimental mishaps but we managed to do what we wanted.  Vivian's and Ken's idea of making iodine gel was also helpful and with adjusting the recipe we were able to make homemade iodine gel.

Anita, Edith, and Ken.
 Anita had told us that she has used the vinegar solution before helps considerably with many wounds. However patients complain of pain as the vinegar solution burns.  Ken talked with Anita and Edith for a while showing them how to apply hypnosis to help people through the pain. As I watched him I immediately recognized that Don Sergio performs the same method but without telling the patients what he's going to do; he just slides into and it works.

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