Saturday, July 18, 2015

Building Schools and Mini Clinics

The school that Don Sergio has worked on over the last year is
complete however, he is adding another room for kindergarten.
See August 9, 2014 blog post for photos of construction.

Don Sergio has built schools and many water treatment systems for areas in need in addition to his wound care. His most recent project is a 'despensario', kinda like a mini clinic. The government will fund a nurse to provide care for the locals in the area, once it is complete.  At least, that's how I understand it. Why the government does not build it, I'm not sure. But this is the same for the schools: Don Sergio builds schools in areas lacking and once the desks and chalkboards are in, then the government assigns a teacher.

Outside of school.

Don Sergi completed 2 class rooms.

Despensario in one of the small 'burbs' outside the city.

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Don Sergio and Juan take window and door measurements to
finish this project as Jennifer looks on.
Kindergarten room being added.
Workers making progress.

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