Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Trip 2015

Colleague and friend Jennifer Eldred, FNP has joined me this trip to help Don Sergio. We arrived on Sunday, 3 hours later than planned due to a cancelled flight and bad weather in Mexico City. Thankfully, we arrived safely at Bela’s at 1030pm. As always, she and her staff welcome us as family.

Monday morning we did our patient home visits that extended out to Teopisca, which is a 35-minute drive out of the city. We saw several patients from the area with various conditions: venous stasis ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, slow healing leg wound on a diabetic, and 3 year old with a hot water burn on the top of the foot and a young man with an impressive lip dermatitis.

After a long day, we started at the museo/clinic at 430 and stayed until 8pm. There was standing room only. The number of foot ulcers continues to increase and, it appears, education about basic diabetes care is continuously lacking.

Exhausted from the day, Jennifer and I made it home at 830pm. We showered and crashed.

Thank you to Dr. Henry Beckmeyer at Michigan State University and his resourceful students. Your 4 valuable boxes of medical supplies are much needed and will be put to good use. 


Odyssian said...
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Odyssian said...

Thanks for the great story! Chiapas is a wonderful place.