Friday, July 10, 2015

Friends of Sergio Indiegogo Campaign 2015

Thanks to Don Sergio’s Friends, our Indiegogo campaign was a success beyond our goal. I presented Don Sergio with a mock check disclosing the amount raised from the campaign. Several people gave to the campaign outside of the Internet process.

To all we THANK YOU!!

"Thank you all my friends for supporting my work."
Don Sergio Castro.

Don Sergio was surprised and very pleased. This money will tide him over for the next 4 – 6 months, relieving his financial burden of wound and burn care.

For those unaware of medical wound and burn care, it is very costly. The US has many burn hospitals to care for these horrific accident victims, and Mexico opened up their first burn hospital in 2011 (Mexico City). As for wound care clinics, there are many throughout the US: you will not find a major city without one. Here, there are none, at least in Chiapas. Sergio is a one-man wound care clinic, however, as I will post later, this may be least this is our hope.

Wound care is very costly due to the frequent visits and constant changing of dressings (wound care supplies are not cheap). Diabetes is rampant and once an ulcer starts it is hard to heal when the patient has uncontrolled diabetes and lives in poor conditions. Mexico has one of the highest rates of diabetes.

For those interested in continuous support we have extended the Indiegogo campaign to ‘indemand’, to accept funds indefinitely.

For those of you who’ve never visited Chiapas or San Cristóbal de las Casas, I encourage you to see this magical city and pay a visit to this incredible human being.

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Kirstin said...

Muchisimas gracias, Patricia! We appreciate your work organizing us, so we can contribute to Don Sergio's amazing work. (And please give him saludos from all of us!)
Sean, Kirstin, Oscar, and Wilhelmina