Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teopisca Visit

Monday July 13, 2015
Post by Jennifer Eldred, FNP

After missing a few days from being sick, I was happy to rejoin the team today. Myself, Sergio, Patricia, and a nurse from San Cristobal and our trusty driver Juan, headed out to Teopisca this morning to visit our patients.

Happy to report that our lil Chiquita (2 1/2 year old) with 2nd degree hot water burn is healing well! Here is a photo showing her progress: ...

The people here are so incredibly grateful for our visits that they treat us to a home cooked meal of tortillas, frijoles and huevos, and say adios with a hug, kiss, and a few tears! Makes our hearts swell...Unidos de Corazon!

As we head back to San Cris, we visit a few regulars for dressing changes and are happy to see healing in progress! A homeless man with a severe burn to his leg from falling into a fire is found sleeping on a bench; we awake him to cleanse his wound and will visit again tomorrow.  Another young man with a similar burn, who Pat was treating over 6 months ago, is also starting to heal very well.

After our lunch break we head off to the Museo for evening clinic. There we see several returning patients. One woman with Diabetic ulcers to both feet is making good progress with wounds healing. We continue to encourage her to have better control of her diabetes and educate her on proper footwear.

Unfortunately, we do have several patients that are not making progress. One such man is an uncontrolled diabetic who has already lost one leg and is fighting a serious foot ulcer with necrosis to several toes. His son carries him into the clinic to see Sergio. He is losing his eye sight and recently lost his wife. It is heartbreaking and chances are he will need amputation. We will try to obtain X-rays tomorrow to further evaluate his status.

The team says buenos noches and hasta luego. Time for dinner, sunset, and a restful evening, back at it in the morning!

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