Saturday, March 12, 2011

!Feliz Cumpleaños a Don Sergio!

Veremos film makers John Speyer and Consuelo Alba with me at the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

The maverick humanitarian turns 70 years old today! On a previous trip I saw Don Sergio pick up a 50 kg (110 lb) bag of cement, hoist it on his shoulder and carry it to a waiting car.... he repeated this twice without any difficulty. Don Sergio is not a big man, but strong as an ox and going strong.

Bruce and I took advantage of the stage, background and lighting for the photo op.

Bruce and I have made at trip to San Diego this weekend to meet up with Consuelo Alba and John Speyer, directors of El Andalon. The film is showing this afternoon at 1230pm at the San Diego Latino Film Festival and we'll be readily available to answer any questions.

Meanwhile, supplies are still trickling in. I have recently been in contact with surgery nurse, Joseph Nardello from North Carolina, who is sending me supplies as well as funding to help pay for the excess baggage. Surprisingly, Continental Airlines does not exempt humanitarian supplies from baggage fees, however we are hopeful that when we check our bags we will have a sympathetic check-in attendant. If Joseph's donated funds are not used for baggage fees, the money goes to Don Sergio. Thank you so much Joseph!

These are supplies from World Care, I will have to squeeze Joseph's supplies into another suitcase.

Incidentally, Joseph has friends in Tucson who have not seen the video. I sent them my last one and they will be showing the film to their friends and colleagues today. They had met Sergio October las year while traveling through Chiapas and all agreed, "We met a saint". Thank you Carmen and Bob (and your group) for spreading the word!

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