Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Cristobal - Day Five - Kieu's Last Day

March 22, 2011

Our first stop of the morning was a three-year-old girl that was burned a month and a half ago. Evidently, she was playing near a burning trash fire with a friend and fell into the fire. In our minds we may think, "What was she doing near the fire playing?". The trash pick-up infrastructure is not the best here and the family may have limited land on which to burn their trash, which is fairly typical here, as it is in rural USA. This photo depicts the first time she is able to walk after the accident.

True to my word of not displaying more clinical photos, I want to explain the extensiveness of her injuries. The palm of her left hand is a deep 2ndº burn, Sergio is concerned that her hand will heal contracted palm-side and she will lose a significant mobility. Both of her dorsal feet (top side) have second degree burns as does her left inner arm. The areas with 1stº burns are healing well and she will recover well, the other areas will take more time.

While at this home, other relatives knew we were coming so they bring us a baby that is crying, not eating well and appears cranky. Kieu is great with babies! She evaluates lungs, abdomen, eyes, throat and find the baby has otitis media (ear infection).

There were two men talking with Sergio after we saw the babies so we decided to take a mini-break.

We made it home by 12:30 pm – a good hour and a half before lunch. Kieu sat down in the dining area to read and quickly fell asleep. She is learning the way of the Latin American life: the siesta.

Manuela made pollo borracho (drunken chicken) for lunch which was perfect for me as I was not feeling well. Kieu as usual asked for seconds.

Today is Kieu's last full day with us as she departs tomorrow. The quality of this trip is due to many factors, the major factor is Bela. Her B&B is like a home that you feel like you've known forever. She treats her guests and staff as family which gives an ambiance of peace and comfort.

Back at the museo at 4:00 pm we had few patients. Since we had time to kill Sergio showed us some artifacts and items that most people do not see or recognize. He told us he found many things as he searched for water sources to build water treatment systems for various villages. There are many facets to this man and this private tour and explanation was a great treat for me and Kieu.

A group from San Miguel de Allende of mostly US citizens came in for a tour at 6:00 pm. Kieu and I saw a few more patients while he gave the tour and I ran back to Bela's to get more DVDs of "El Andalon" to sell. A friend of the director, Consuelo Alba, had bought and donated several DVDs and the proceeds of the sales go to Sergio. Kieu and I were so excited to speak (in English) to the tour group about Sergio. The wife of one man had to finally break him away from us.... of course I could have gone on and on!

Our day ends around 8:00 pm. I was not feeling well so Kieu heated up some pozole (hominy soup with pork) and toasted bread before going to bed. She and I hugged and cried in celebration of this unique experience we both have had together this past week. Unforgettable!

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