Sunday, March 20, 2011

San Cristóbal con Don Sergio - Day Three

March 19, 2011

The weather has been spectacular since we arrived. The day starts with cloud cover which burns off by the time we leave to meet Sergio's at 9:00 am at his museo. It is a pleasant walk through el centro.

Today's field trip includes going back to Teopisca to see the baby girl with the leg burn and other patients that may be waiting at the church.

Kieu shows this atopic dermatitis patient how to apply the hydrocortisone and the vaseline to her rashes. Our options for treatment are limited.

We saw seven more patients with a variety of health complaints. Most of the 50-year-old plus group complain of back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. We see them carrying 50 kg bags of charcoal or wood on their backs and it takes its toll. People look older than their stated age due to the hard labor and sun damage. We bought 100 capsules of ibuprofen as that is all we can offer.

Back in San Cristóbal we see a few more patients and we are done by 1:15 pm. Walking in the door to Bela's place we are greeted by her and her happy dogs.

Bela's cook takes the weekend off so we're on our own for lunch. She has three women guests from Mexico City (DF), two came with us, Eva and Ana and who shows up but the third guest, Christine from Germany, via DF. We had a leisurely lunch at Napoli...the food was delicioso!

The women here have to be some of the best cooks in the world!

Left to right: Bela, Kieu, Eva and Ana, the chef is in the background.

Just before the food arrived we were joined by Christine, also from DF (originally Germany). Left to right: Patricia, Kieu, Christine, Eva and Ana.

After lunch Kieu, Bela, Ana and Eva go walk around el centro. Christine and I went back to our rooms, and I gathered our things for our evening clinic. Bela and Kieu met us at the museo.

Sergio changes the dressing on another child with a burn. The older sister holds her little sister while Don Sergio gets the job done.

The mother of this child is young and may be mentally delayed. She speaks her native language and Sergio translates. The child had otitis media (ear infection) but since you cannot buy antibiotics over the counter anymore in Mexico, Sergio had to ask a Mexican physician friend for the prescription. Kieu shows the mother how to give the patient medication with a syringe.

Kieu changes bandage for gentleman with a chronic ulcer. He was hit by a car many years ago and has used crutches since as he cannot walk on this leg. He comes to Sergio's museo two to three times a week.

Sergio gives a tour to a group and Kieu, Eva, Ana and Christine join the group. Afterward, Eva and Ana invite us for dinner then back home we stay up chatting with Bela. Tea and homemade banana bread before bed.

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