Wednesday, March 16, 2011

US ~ World Care ~ Mexico Connections

This trip could not be made without the help of World Care. Over the last five months I've been slowing picking up much needed wound care supplies and have developed a wonderful friendship with all the volunteers there and founder and CEO Lisa Hopper.

My many thanks to all who give of their time to make the world a little better, poco a poco. It is the collective effort that makes this mission so successful!

Carl Beck, the man in the cap, is 90 years old, a World War II vet, a mentor to our troops.... he is an energetic, mentally-alert and loving person.... he has more friends than anyone I know, young and old! The ladies on the left are his nieces; in the back is Shirley, a retired RN, and the guy in the red shirt is Carl's friend/neighbor Ed. These are the people behind the scenes that make a world wide contribution by organizing the supplies that come in before they are sent to disaster relief and medical missions.

Bernadette (blonde in white shirt) sets the lunch table for everyone and runs the show!

These guys, Charles in the back and Ray in the foreground run the a big part of the operation with the variety of supplies coming in. World Care receives computers, school supplies, various donations to organize sort, repair and prep for cargo shipping.

The Captain of the World Care Helm and and American Humanitarian, Lisa Hopper. Her book tells her story: "In the Wake of a Dream".

For Kieu and me, Bruce made my favorite: Eggs Benedict! A birthday breakfast on our day of departure.

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